Why Profitable Marketing?

My name is Chris Billington Hughes and I founded Profitable Marketing Limited because I absolutely believe that marketing must be profitable.

Anybody can spend money, implement tactics and create content of one type or another. However, one of the primary aims must be to create a strategy that is the most resource, time and cost effective to deliver on your objectives and it must be done profitably.

Your marketing communications and your linked sales strategy is first about understanding your market place and the psychological process of your prospective and existing clients.  Knowing exactly why people should buy your products or services instead of those of your competitors – and using the most effective methods of educating them to understand, from their perspective not yours.

Marketing is About Effective Communication and Education

Your marketing should support how your business works and Profitable Marketing develops strategies that delivers on your objectives year after year. Testing, refining and embedding systems that are proven to work and repeating the successful tactics again and again. It means supporting your sales teams, account execs and managers by giving them tools that work and showing them how to use them to the best effect.

There’s a lot of common sense involved, it doesn’t have to be highly complex  – so why do so many businesses struggle with it? Why do you see businesses with excellent products and services that are struggling to reach their potential, whilst other mediocre businesses are flying? Often, the answer is simply the latter are following a sound strategy, with better marketing and sales processes to differentiate their offering to their advantage in the eyes of the customer.

Having been involved in businesses since 1990 I have experience, some excellent and some not so.  Often it’s when things go wrong that we evolve as business people and are able to greatly improve things.  Learning lessons, asking for help, exploring and finding better ways.

Your Foundations For Growth

Working with businesses in North America and across the UK and Europe, I’ve found that people are very similar the world over. When it comes to buying, we’re relatively predictable.

Certainly we’re all different, each business is unique and each country has it’s own culture – but understanding how best to consistently educate people to choose your products and services, pay what they’re worth, recommend you to others and return to buy again and again – is about understanding how marketing works with people. In the first instance, I’m not talking about the tactics, like social media or websites, design or anything else tactical, as important as they are. I’m talking about your foundations for growth . Even if you’ve been trading for decades, your foundations should still be tested to ensure they’re fit for purpose today. It is then about finding the most resource effective solutions to deliver on your objectives.

What is Marketing?

I’ve been asked many times “What is marketing?” You’ll find myriad answers if you type that question into Google. My answer is “Anything and everything that is put in front of a prospective, existing or past customer that helps them to understand and appreciate why they should buy from you and not your competitor”.

Those that make marketing systemic and process driven get better results than those that don’t.

Below are just some of the sectors and clients I’ve been fortunate to work with.

Chris Billington Hughes. Sig1

Chris Billington Hughes

Software Development
Television Production
Event Promotion
Home Improvements
Fleet Management
Food and Drink
Electrical Contracting

Lloyds Bank
Institute of Directors
Easy Jeans
Projector Lifting Service

The Happy Puzzle Company
The Fencor Packaging Group
Business Links
Academy for Chief Executives
Persimmon Homes
Mod Shoes
Total Clothing
Business Money
University of Northampton
Sheffield Hallam
MK College

So, if you’d like to take a look at your business from an outside perspective and find out how your marketing communications and linked sales strategy can be improved, contact me to talk about it, I’ll be happy to hear from you.