DIAL Diagnostic Analysis

Identify What Your Business Needs to Outperform Your Competitors

This process is only recommended and offered once it is evident that it will be a valuable investment.

This system has been developed over several years to identify what your business needs in order to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be – in a strategic, structured and sustainable way.

This risk free process focuses on four key areas of business growth from a marketing and sales perspective.

It explores how effectively your current marketing and sales processes work in order to achieve your objectives.

In brief…

Your foundations – Everything from how well targeted you are, to how well you differentiate your products and services from your competitors. Do they understand and appreciate exactly why they should buy from you and not your competitors? How effective is your content in all your communications with your prospects and clients? How is your positioning strategy relative to objectives, is it congruent?

Lead Generation – What are you using currently to generate business? Are you generating the right type of leads? How well are they working – or not? Are you spending money ineffectively? Do you know your Cost of Acquisition?

Enquiry to Sale Process – Everything between the leads you generate and a sale. Every part of your process, every communication, your all important proposals, tenders, quotes, your follow up – everything!

Client and Prospect Nurturing – Retaining your hard won clients, converting as yet unconverted enquiries, increasing additional sales, maximising their lifetime value to your business.

Fully Informed Decision Making

This highly effective process uncovers and identifies areas of need, where you have ‘hot spots’ and ‘cold spot’s, opportunity or wastage. It means that fully informed decisions can be made regarding where you should invest time, effort, resource and money to leverage more success and profit from your business.

It will show you how you can increase the growth of your business by outperforming your competitors to attract and keep your best clients and customers.

Your DIAL Diagnostic Analysis is 100% guaranteed.

If, having completed your diagnostic process, you don’t believe you’ve had great value from your investment, you will not receive an invoice. Nothing will move forward and there are no hard feelings. That is one reason why it isn’t offered to just any business. Before the DIAL Diagnostic Analysis Process is recommended, we need to ensure it is right for your business, from both perspectives.

So get in touch to arrange a date and time for an initial, no obligation conversation on the phone to determine if this is the right way forward for you and your business.