The Biggest Challenge When Connecting with Your Audience

Make Your Business VisibleI’m connected on Linked In to a businessman called Kevin, and he asked me an interesting question. I’m paraphrasing as I don’t have the exact wording in front of me, however Kevin’s question was “As your emphasis is helping organisations to communicate the value of their products and services, what do you find is the greatest challenge businesses encounter when trying to connect with a target audience?”

It’s a great question as for decades I’ve seen organisations suffer from ‘the curse of assumption’.

Why Organisations Don’t Communicate Effectively

Businesses have a tendency to use first tier information, or what they believe a prospective customer wants to hear, often facts and platitudes. There is an assumption that their target markets and audiences will be able to ‘connect the dots’, after all people are smart right? Organisations want people to reach the conclusion that they should buy there products and services but very rarely give them compelling, differentiating information which educates and gives them confidence to buy. It’s one of the biggest reasons businesses get challenged on price.

I’ve been fortunate to work in several countries with businesses large and small and what I’ve found is that some 93% of businesses, organisations and companies that want customers to have the comfidence to buy, don’t give them enough of the right information to do so. It rarely happens.

So, I ask the question “What happens behind the walls?” It is only when you Make The Invisible Visible that your story becomes a ‘Magic Story’.

Make Your Business Visible and Make Your Brand Visible and you’ll see the magic happen. Don’t believe you don’t have enough to develop compelling reasons to buy from you. To you, everything you do is just ‘the norm’! I guarantee that you do have a great and valuable story, all businesses do, you just have to really dig, ask the right questions, a lot of them usually, and use the answers to bring things into focus.

If you are struggling to maximise your business, if customers are challenging you on price or people just don’t appreciate whey they should buy from you and not your competitors, let’s talk.

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