“We Need to Get Our Name Out There!”

Man with magaphone

Do you? Do you really?

I’ve heard it said so often over the years, by big companies, small companies, individuals. “We need to get our name out there more”.

Now, I know what they really mean. They mean they need to get in front of more people to let them know who they are and what they offer. However, the way it’s done is critical and what I often see rarely maximises returns and often wastes time and money.

Because so many businesses work hard and often spend a great deal of money, to ‘get their name out there’ and let those who (may) see their message, know what they sell – and because our brains receive thousands of messages a day – it can be very difficult to hit the mark amongst all the noise.

Unless, your targeting is clear and accurate and your selling messages educate properly, it’s easy to fade into obscurity.

If however, you’re able to capture the attention of the right people with properly positioned, benefit laden information that gives your buyers confidence and takes them through a process of decision making that emulates their natural buying process – you can outsell your fiercest competition – if not, it can be a bit of a bun fight.

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer.

For a considered purchase, your buyer needs enough information to help them make a fully qualified decision as to whether a product or service is right for them – which means, as the seller, you must ensure that the information doesn’t just tell the buyer what you do or sell – but truly educates them in a way that makes them understand why they should buy from you.

You must effectively educate them, differentiating your product or service in the eyes and minds of your target markets. How you explain, educate and communicate the value of what you offer (from the buyer’s perspective) is critical to your success. It must permeate everything you do, everything that is put in front of your prospective buyer – from their first site of you, through your enquiry to sale process to point of sale and beyond. If it’s not done effectively you will never maximise your returns.

That is true of any company and any product.

Confusion Leads to Inactivity

So, as I said, put yourself in your customers shoes and analyse your own messaging. Does it tell or sell, does it mirror your competitors? Would it be possible to simply ‘swap logo and company name’ and it would be hard to tell? Is your marketing full of platitudes?

If your buyer doesn’t get flagged down properly,  isn’t educated effectively, if there is any doubt, you’ll lose them.  Any confusion and they won’t buy – confusions leads to inactivity.

So don’t just ‘get your name out there’, strategise, effectively educate and help your buyer to truly understand and appreciate why they should buy from you and not your competitors.